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This destination is all about women.

Our vision is to be a no holds barred, judgement free, damn I can't be the only one, sanctuary. With conversations dedicated to who we are, how we think and feel, what inspires us, infuriates us, and sometimes has us saying...Is this my life? This will be a gathering spot, a forum, a safe space WITH the opportunity to share our truths, relate, console and inspire each other with the people who understand the most....US! So allow us to extend an open invitation to participate in passionate conversations and soulful gatherings, from Coffee till Champagne!

About us

Randi: Our eyes met across a crowded room...kidding!

Cherrón: Goodness, we always sound like we’re dating.

Randi:  But seriously, Cherrón and I had a rocky start (cue her eye roll). We met at our job in NYC and as we all know, the minute another black person comes around, we sniff them out immediately. On this particular day, I may have caught Cherrón a little off-guard when I stopped by her cube to say hi. Needless to say I felt a very sincere "Hi, but I'm trying to get out of here, vibe"

Cherrón: I had just come out of my boss’ office and it was late, you know what – never mind

Randi: So I scurried back to my desk to finish up my tasks. About 20 minutes later, Cherrón walked over, apologized…

Cherrón: I what???

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